Bam Roberts

Over the summer, my parents started arguing a lot.
On the first day of school, I found out that my twin sister Kiki is no longer in my class.
And the biggest kid of all, Mac MacDonald is bullying making me miserable. No one told me that life for a school kid was so hard!


Saggy Boobs, Stretch Marks and Saddle Bags

"What about me?"
When we put others first, we give up our own wants and needs, as well as our own hopes and dreams. When we finally take a long, hard look at ourselves, we see how much we've neglected ourselves. This book is about the state of mind needed to go from mediocrity to success. Also featured in Birdie's "Rejoin Your Life" masterclass.


Bella Brina

Bella Brina is a 12 year old girl adjusting to losing her mother and now living with her Grandpop and cousin Yetta.
A once proud and self-proclaimed "Juicy Girl" Bella is now constantly teased about her size by family and schoolmates.
How can she continue to love herself when everything is so different now?


Cookie's First Day of School

Cookie is worried about her first day of school.
Will she make friends? Is school food yucky? Is her teacher going to be mean?
Find out in Cookie's First Day of School!


Stickboy & Cookie are Friends

It's hard to make friends when you feel different than everyone else. And it's hard to be a friend when other people make fun of your friend.
Stickboy and Cookie are Friends is about what being a good friend is all about.


Don't Be a Follower, Stickboy!

When you have a friend that does bad things and is mean to other people, what do you do? Do you stop you friend? Do you join in what looks like fun? Do you stand by and watch your friend?
See what happens in: Don't Be a Follower, Stickboy!



$2.00 PDF Download

Lacey is a child that tells her friend that she's being abused. Will her friend tell someone that can help her? Or will she keep Lacey's abuse a secret?


I Won't Go With Strangers

There are different types of strangers, including people we see everyday. A child explains, describing familiar scenarios, stating the reasoning behind her decision of not talking or going with them.

                    ON ME

Why do they Pick on me?

$2.00 PDF Download

"Why do they pick on me?" When a child is being bullied, it is very important for a child to still feel good about themselves.


The Big Start

How will you know what you can do if you don't try?
In this Stickboy and Cookie book, Stickboy figures out his next move.


No Time For Me

$2.00 PDF Download

"Spend more time with me."
Many children with parents and guardians only want quality time with them. No Time is about a child expressing those feelings in her own words.

                    WRITE A BOOK

Learn How to Write a Book

A how-to-guide on writing a book. Used with the Book Coach Birdie "Let's Write a Book" masterclass.
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